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Pinnacle Overview Diagram

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Modern Pathology Solution

PINNACLE is a modern Pathology Laboratory Information System, developed specifically for the NHS, and based upon the market-leading ORACLE Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

Internal Management

The ultimate success of a laboratory will rely on the decisions made by the management. PINNACLE can make the vital information contained within the database available either directly or as part of decision support software such as spreadsheets or other packages. The major benefit to all PINNACLE users is the open nature of the application and its database.

Laboratory Efficiency

The aim of effective internal management is also to increase laboratory efficiency. PINNACLE can save valuable time and resources used in the recording and capture of data, results and events through the use of data capture devices, such as bar code readers and other technology, the extensive use of coded data, and the integration of automated laboratory equipment such as analysers.

Service Improvements

A major goal in developing PINNACLE was to enable laboratories to increase their efficiency and improve their overall service levels.

Hardware Independence

PINNACLE is available on a variety of hardware platforms supporting the UNIX operating system, providing real hardware independence and a choice of system and supplier, both now and in the future.

Web Pathology System

The development of our Web-Based Pathology System affords the users all the current benefits and functionality of laboratory efficiency, ease of integration with other hospital systems and allowing controlled access to all sets of users, including those outwith the laboratory area.

The use of Oracle market leading database allows the choice of full web system, or a combination of web, gui and character based screens to suit all aspects of Laboratory working. This also ensures a Laboratory system that will never be considered to be out-dated as Foremost are able to take advantage of all technological advances while minimising the cost to the users.

Oracle RDBMS

Data access, integrity and security is managed by the sophisticated ORACLE Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) providing a wide range of system and database management facilities.

Integrated Data Model

All PINNACLE modules can share common data items including patient demographics, request data such as source, locations, and clinicians, and other cross-disciplinary flags and indicators.

Discipline Specialisation

Our approach to the development of the PINNACLE software modules has been to specialise within each discipline, whilst still allowing disciplines the ability to operate in a fully integrated pathology environment.

This gives the benefit of greater discipline-specific functionality in each of the modules, whilst also recognising the importance of integrated facilities such as centralised requesting, cross-disciplinary enquiries and contract/ workload monitoring.

Cross-disciplinary Applications

A number of applications are supported that access data across the complete PINNACLE database. These include a common request entry facility enabling fast entry of patient demographics and request data for any discipline. An easy-to-use enquiry facility provides patient results, across disciplines, in a secure and controlled manner, that can be used both within the laboratory and by external users. Other examples include the interfaces to Order Communications, Patient Administration and Resource Management systems.

In addition, ad-hoc enquiries and reports can be produced utilising the integrated pathology data.

Management Information

PINNACLE data can be analysed and reported upon using a range of industry-standard SQL tools including the powerful, data analysis and reporting tools Business Objects and Oracle Discoverer.

These tools, in addition to assisting in essential laboratory and contract management, can also be used to analyse patient data and produce epidemiological or infection control reports, or to satisfy the increasing demand for statistical information. The data can be analysed on-line or manipulated on the desktop, to produce the required graphs or reports, including integration with the majority of standard PC tools and packages.


At an individual test level, PINNACLE records the who, where and when information required to provide the necessary accountability.

PINNACLE also caters for stringent Quality Control checks to be recorded and can be modified to cater for new demands on quality checking from either an external or internal source.


No two laboratories are quite the same. Work patterns, authorisation procedures, and also management requirements vary, from lab to lab. Pathologists differ in their reporting requirements, clinicians differ in their requesting. A modern system must, above all, be flexible and allow users to modify and tailor their environment in order to realise the full benefits of the technology.

PINNACLE has been designed to allow you to do this - and what more, to do it simply. All menus are fully user-defined and can be tailored to suit an individual or groups of users. System parameters provide configuration flexibility over functions such as laboratory numbering, multi-site capabilities and many other features. All code tables are user-maintained including patient, source, request, test, comments and reference-related data, allowing the user to build a system that suits their own laboratory and procedures.

Integration with Other Systems

PINNACLE has also been designed to allow easy integration with other systems, both within your hospital and externally. It can exchange PID data with the PAS, and can interface with an Order Communications system for ward-ordering. PINNACLE can feed information into a Resource Management system or a Casemix system to help with management tasks and it can link with the FHSA computer to pass down cytology results and recall information. GPs too can benefit from a direct line into PINNACLE for their results, or from a direct print facility to allow authorised results to be sent directly to the surgery. Alternatively, the use of electronic data interchange standards such as EDIFACT can deliver the results directly to the GP's own computer system in the surgery.

Service and Support

All PINNACLE modules are developed, installed and maintained by Foremost IT.

Services available include:
  • Turnkey or software-only solution
  • Installation
  • On-site training
  • Classroom training
  • Documentation
  • Project management
  • Bespoke development
  • Computerised Help Desk
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Implementation audit
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