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Pinnacle Haematology Module

The PINNACLE Haematology module, available as either a stand-alone system or as part of an integrated Pathology system, represents the latest development in laboratory information systems.

In common with all other PINNACLE modules, the software is modern, easy to use and highly flexible, with many user-defined formats and parameters. It has been designed by laboratory staff and specifically developed to satisfy the demands now found within the modern Haematology laboratory.

Patient Database

All PINNACLE modules, including Haematology, are linked to common patient demographic information using the power and flexibility of the ORACLE Relational Database Management System.

Request Entry

Request entry screen layouts are customised for each laboratory during the implementation of PINNACLE, and they can also be implemented on a centralised basis. They are designed for maximum ease of use and for enhanced productivity, including the capture of any discipline-specific data required.

Result Entry

Haematology data is mainly captured directly from automated equipment such as cell counters, with a number of other user-definable routines provided for manual result entry, including numeric, text, calculated and coded entries.

Analyser Interfaces

PINNACLE supports a wide range of automated equipment through the use of PC-based software, including both uni- and bi-directional analysers.

Cell Counting

Manual cell counting can be performed within the specialised routines, using user-defined keys mapped to a range of cell types. These counts can be displayed as either absolute or percentage values, with automatic correction of the white cell count also available.

Reference Ranges

Multiple user-defined reference ranges are available by patient category, including age and sex. Film processing can be automatically requested following a range failure, or for a selection of patients, such as those attending the Haematology Clinic.


On-line, semi-automatic and fully automatic processing is supported, with easy access to patient history during authorisation.

Results Reporting

Single-shot, interim and cumulative reports are available, customised to your individual requirements, and including facilities such as multiple report destinations and electronic transmission of results.


Accessible within the Haematology laboratory, across other disciplines or to authorised external users, the enquiry facilities provide fast and secure access to patient result data.

Management Information

PINNACLE data can be analysed and reported upon using a range of industry-standard SQL tools including the powerful, data analysis and reporting tools Business Objects and Oracle Discoverer.

Service and Support

All PINNACLE modules are developed, installed and maintained by Foremost IT.

Services available include:
  • Turnkey or software-only solution
  • Installation
  • On-site training
  • Classroom training
  • Documentation
  • Project management
  • Bespoke development
  • Computerised Help Desk
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Implementation audit
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