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Pinnacle Blood Transfusion Module

The PINNACLE Blood Transfusion module offers a complete range of functions to meet the needs of a modern transfusion department.

The PINNACLE application software is highly flexible and was designed by laboratory staff, specifically for the Blood Transfusion environment, with many user-defined formats and parameters.

Patient Database

All PINNACLE modules, including Blood Transfusion, are linked to common patient demographic information using the power and flexibility of the ORACLE Relational Database Management System. Blood Transfusion patients can also be flagged to offer additional security and local management of the relevant data items. In addition, facilities are also available to record bone marrow transplant information including any blood group changes, donor details and transplant procedure.

Request Entry

Request entry screen layouts are customised for each laboratory and they can also be implemented on a centralised basis. They are designed for maximum ease of use and for enhanced productivity, including the capture of any discipline-specific data required, such as any available antibody details, and the processing of autologous and reserved units. The system also optionally supports the use of the Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering System (MSBOS).

Result Entry and Processing

PINNACLE offers the flexibility of both individual test result entry and the use of worklists. The intelligent linking of activities such as blood grouping, antibody screening and stock allocation offers a logical and efficient route through the various processing stages.

Analyser Interfaces

PINNACLE supports a wide range of automated equipment including those used for blood grouping and antibody screening.

Product Issue

PINNACLE provides a number of security levels and validation checks to ensure that only correct products are issued, using compatibility tables to control the valid combinations of compatible, suitable and incompatible products.

Antenatal Processing

Antenatal processing is supported as standard through a range of user-defined tests and worklists. In addition, mother and baby links are maintained within the system, and for simplicity and efficiency, all relevant results can be entered or viewed via a common screen. During antenatal processing, system rules are also used to check on blood groups and any previous issue of anti-D immunoglobulin.


Accessible within the Blood Transfusion laboratory, across other disciplines or to authorised external users, the enquiry facilities provide fast and secure access to patient result data, with a range of stock enquiries also provided including by product type, donor, batch number or location.

Comprehensive Reporting and Management Information

In addition to the standard reports including BTS statistics, data can be analysed and reported upon using a range of industry-standard SQL tools including the powerful, data analysis and reporting tools Business Objects and Oracle Discoverer.

Service and Support

All PINNACLE modules are developed, installed and maintained by Foremost IT.

Services available include:
  • Turnkey or software-only solution
  • Installation
  • On-site training
  • Classroom training
  • Documentation
  • Project management
  • Bespoke development
  • Computerised Help Desk
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Implementation audit
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