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Common Gateway Interface

Web pages can be broadly classed into two categories: static pages, which do not change each time they are visited, and dynamic pages, whose text and appearance can change depending on other factors, such as text input by the user. Static pages exist on the web server as files, which are sent back to the browser on request. Dynamic pages are created by programs which are run on the web server, and the text which is sent back to the browser is generated dynamically (or "on-the-fly") by the program.

CGI is a protocol, or set of rules which allows this mechanism to happen. The programs are known as CGI scripts, and may be written in one of a variety of languages such as Perl or C.

Foremost specialises in building dynamic web sites using CGI to suit customers' specific needs. Typically the web site will serve as a front-end to a database such as Oracle and MySQL. By combining expert knowledge in Database and Internet technologies, Foremost is well placed to take on any kind of work in this area.

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