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Case Study - The Benefits of Rapid Response

A key player within the farming industry distributed large volumes of information to its suppliers by post. The bill, in terms of printing, envelopes, postage and staff time ran into thousands of pounds per month. In an attempt to reduce costs, two companies were approached to automate the process, using electronic means to distribute the information via fax and email. One company was asked to retrieve the information from an Oracle database, the other to provide applications to distribute the information.

The Problem

A large number of customer complaints ensued. As it stood, the electronic distribution of information was unreliable. Over a period of 6 months both companies failed to provide a reliable solution. Worse, each company claimed that the problem lay with the other supplier.

The Solution

With a reputation for solving difficult problems Foremost was approached to resolve the situation. Foremost staff quickly identified that the solution in place was too complex. By reengineering the solution to take better advantage of the Oracle database and using our knowledge of fax, email, and web applications the system was quickly working to specification.

The Benefits
  • A problem which was ongoing for over 6 months was resolved
  • There were immediate and substantial cost reductions for our client - approx £1000 per month
  • Our client was able to free staff to perform other functions within the organisation
  • Our client's customers are now able to receive information in a more timely manner

Foremost IT's ability to quickly diagnose and resolve difficult problems provides immediate benefits to our customers. This simple case study outlines an example where our skills have gotten the customer out of a hole. We pride ourselves on our ability to 'go the extra mile' to satisfy our customers' needs and always look forward to the kind of challenges which other suppliers would balk at.

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